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Uninstall old SafariDriver on recent versions of Safari

15 Mar

Aside from not needing SafariDriver starting in Safari 10 (or was it 9? I forget) and requiring recent versions of Selenium with older versions of Selenium paired with older Safari using SafariDriver, if you’re like me and haven’t used Selenium/SafariDriver in a while, you might have left the browser with SafariDriver extension.

If you update Mac OS X and Safari, you may still have the extension installed unless you specifically uninstall it.

One interesting quirk about having it installed is that it can now cause problems on certain websites (likely from same core issue from something in the extension’s codebase):

TypeError: Value is not a sequence

This came up for the websites from my company as well as Apple’s iCloud.com.

Once I uninstalled the extension, everything was fine.

Building and installing SafariDriver more easily

9 Nov

It looks like the current wiki instructions for building SafariDriver extension


may still be too complicated a process for average users to build and install. This blog post kind of helps:


but in case one still has issues, I go one step further…

I’ve provided a shared repository for downloading packaged as well as compiled binaries of the extension so one can easily install or build the extension.

There is a section for compiled SafariDriver extensions that I’ve already built that you simply install. Use at your own risk if you don’t mind using an extension compiled with my personal Apple developer certificate (e.g. do you trust me?).

I also have another section for uncompiled but packaged version, where I’ve already extracted the SVN source for the given Selenium version and you simply need to extract the zip, then add & compile the extension using the Safari Extension Builder and your own Apple certificate, no need to SVN checkout nor run the go script to get/build source.

Go here: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B5KGduKl6s6-ZGpPZlA0Rm03Nms/edit

Update 2/9/2013

You no longer have to do this for SafariDriver versions 2.29 and above. It’s now bundled in with the server JAR (and Java bindings) so that it will auto-install and uninstall whenever you run a test, similar to the WebDriver extension for Firefox. There are also options to keep old behavior (assume you have extension already installed on Safari) or to specify using your own built extension to auto-install & uninstall instead of the default bundled in the JAR. See http://code.google.com/p/selenium/issues/detail?id=3772

Update 2015

FYI, you now need Apple Developer Program registration ($99/yr) in order to generate the SSL certificates needed to build SafariDriver from source. It used to be free with Safari Developer program. With that in mind, it also no longer makes sense to build SafariDriver on Windows anymore, since you typically are a Mac user if registering for the Apple developer program anyways.

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